Tim Cowie

Tim Cowie

I am an audio visual artist and designer based in Bournemouth, UK.

I have a new website in development, but in the meantime here is a brief biography and some external links to my work.

I specialise in creating audio and visual content for experiential installations and live performances alongside more traditional screen based mediums.

My expertise spans from sound design and music composition to editing, post-production, camera work and motion graphics.

Coming from a design background, I like to approach every project with a strong concept so that the final outcome is driven by a core set of ideas.

I am a long-time collaborator with the Light Surgeons and continue to develop new work with them. I feel very lucky to have worked on such a fantastic variety of projects with them which you can see at lightsurgeons.com.

I have solo music projects under the names Audio Dependent and Tim Cowie on Soundcloud as well as a musical collaboration called Infinite Particles which you can listen to at gov-recs.bandcamp.com.

To get in touch, please email me at tim@timcowie.com.